Painting Ventilation


Capture paint over-spray

Build up of solvents and vapors in the working area can result in a dangerous, explosive atmosphere. So it is very important that the working area is well ventilated to prevent a high concentration vapor build up. It is equally important paint over-spray is captured and contained, and prevented from uncontrolled release into the environment. Spray painting over-spray can cause costly damage to nearby vehicles and other equipment.    

The painting ventilation module is used to remove the vapors and solvents from inside the enclosure and exhaust them to atmosphere. To prevent pollution, paint overspray is captured in replaceable fiberglass filter pads. Powerful exhaust fans, fitted inside the module create the required air flow. 

Safe work area

Ventilation air is drawn through the working area to provide operators a safe and overspray free area in which to work. Air entries, located opposite the ventilation module allow the entry of fresh air for ventilation. Filter pads are expendable and cheap and easy to replace once fully blocked.

To minimise noise pollution the exhaust fans are located inside the module and fitted with sound absorbing material. 

Version: 1.0
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