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We started our business as a blasting and painting contractor. So we learned the ropes of the business the hard way. We also realised what we wanted from our blasting equipment. Keep it simple and reliable was our main requirement. When we could not get what we wanted, we started producing our own equipment. Now we make a full range of blasting equipment for processing parts as small as buttons, through to blastrooms for mega bulk cargo tankers.

The Porta-Blast system was developed from our necessity. And we had clients with similar requirements. This is an email from one of our customers:

“I was doing blasting using garnet when all of a sudden stopped by DOE (Department of Environment) officer. Reasons given, media used polluting the sea. Please advise.”

If this customer is facing issues blasting with garnet, there must also be lots of others around facing the same or worse pollution problems.

We already had all the technology and components we required. And we had already produced mobile blastrooms from shipping containers, and in fact were using one ourselves. So we combined the equipment we make with a mobile container blastroom concept to produce a temporary on site blasting and painting facility.

Shipping containers are ideal for the application and they are easy, and cheap, to move around site to site or to store when not in use. Furthermore the container is also used to store the canopy and cover when not in use.

As we are based in Singapore we have easy access to new, low cost, shipping containers. We convert these to incorporate our blasting and painting systems. The canopy structure and cover is purpose built to our requirements.

Prior to despatch we test run all the components to ensure no hitches or delays once the system arrives at site.

If you are facing the pollution and mess problems many of our customers do, feel free to get in contact with us. If one of our standard Porta-Blast units does not suit, we will custom build something to match your requirements.

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