Blasting Ventilation

blasting-ventilation blasting-ventilation

Eliminate the blasting dust cloud

One of the biggest headaches encountered with open blasting is the dirty dust cloud that is created with the use of expendable abrasives. The Porta-Blast ventilation module completely eliminates this. 

During blasting a lot of dust is generated from the workpiece mill scale, paint and abrasive. Unless effectively removed from the enclosure this dust will pollute the environment and reduce visibility.  

Dust trapped in filters

The Porta-Blast ventilation module is fitted with a TDF reverse pulse ventilation dust collector to provide excellent visibility during blasting, and to prevent dust escaping to surrounding areas. This unit constantly removes the dirty air from inside the enclosure. Filters trap the dust before releasing cleaned pure air to atmosphere. 

The TDF ventilation dust collector is fitted with 100% polyester filter cartridges. The filters are automatically self cleaned with a compressed air pulsing system. Once set, no further action is required and the unit will self clean dust from the filter cartridges. 

Higher airflows through enclosure

The TDF dust collector design is very effective at keeping the filters clean. Cleaner filters ensure more airflow through the enclosure. There are TDF dust collectors in use that have clocked up 6,000 hours of heavy usage with the same set of filter cartridges. 

Easy access waste disposal

Once released from the filters, all captured dust is deposited into a removable waste bin for later disposal. The waste bin is easily accessed from the external access door.

Version: 1.0
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