Blasting Equipment


Coded pressure vessel

Porta-Blast blasting modules are fitted 1 or 2 sets of SF200 blasting pots. The pots are a ASME/CE coded pressure vessel, purpose built to suit the short height requirements of container. Control of the blasting starting and stopping is by a deadman control handle mounted at the nozzle. 

The SF200 is fitted with remote control valves that are activated from the deadman handle. Upon pressing the deadman hand the control valves will activate to pressurise the blast pot and blasting will start within 2-3 seconds. Once the deadman control handle is released the blasting stops, the blast pot depressurises of compressed air, and automatically refills with abrasive. 

Located above the blasting pot is the abrasive storage hopper. This hopper will hold approx. 3 tonnes of steel grit.

Accurate abrasive flow rate

Having a limited amount of abrasive to blast with means it is important to control the abrasive flow rate to the nozzle. Too much abrasive flow will empty the blast pot and storage hopper too soon. Too little abrasive flow will result in the blasting taking longer than it should.

Once all abrasive has been blasted it must be recovered. So it is vital the abrasive flow is controlled to maximise the blasting time and minimise the amount of times the abrasive needs to be recovered. To control this abrasive flow to the nozzle, each blast pot is fitted with an Abrasive Saver Valve. The internals of this are made of polyurethane and hardened steel to ensure long life. Adjustment of the abrasive flow is by simple rotation of the metering knob. Finite adjustment allows very accurate abrasive flow rates to the nozzle to be easily set for any abrasive type.

Operator protection is paramount

Operator safety is of the utmost importance when blasting. Abrasive blasting is one of the harshest and most dangerous environments to work in. Operators are subject to many types of health and safety hazards including high speed flying abrasive particles, high levels of dust, excessive noise, heat and poor visibility. To protect operators the use of correct good quality operator safety equipment in essential.

Porta-Blast blasting modules are supplied with RPB Respiratory safety equipment. RPB Respiratory manufactures NIOSH approved breathing air filtration and monitoring systems and blasting helmets.


Motorcycle helmet comfort

For protection against flying abrasive and dust, blasters are equipped with NOVA blasting helmets. NOVA helmets are not fitted with a floppy hard hat head harness. Instead, the inside is fully lined with a noise absorbing memory foam that provides a comfort fitting helmet. Much like a motor cycle helmet.  

Filtered and cooled breathing air

Filtered air supply to the NOVA is through a RADEX breathing air filter. The RADEX will filter out particulates and odours from the compressed air prior to it going to the blasting helmet. To increase operators comfort the air supply is also cooled to a comfortable level, blasting is hot work.   

Comfortable and safe blasters can produce more. Using RPB Respiratory operator safety equipment will ensure your blasters are safe from harm and at the same time comfortable. 

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